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Christmas List Meme

All I Want for Christmas...

He's makin' a list and checkin' it twice.

Okay, he's too busy to make a full list, let's be real. So it's up to Genessia's players! This is a Christmas List meme! Even if your character doesn't celebrate Christmas, list five items that your character wishes they had to help other players figure out what they're going to get your character. This is an OOC meme so feel free to also include bonus items that you would want your character to receive but they may or may not appreciate after the initial five.
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1. A real longsword (i.e., not from a subarch). Preferably enchanted (NOT OCCULT) and very durable. Also other tools/gadgets that would help him dispense justice and hunt bounties.
2. Lessons! In anything, really. Martial arts, dancing...whatever your character can teach.
3. Colorful clothes
4. Personal mementos (i.e. something your character makes that isn't sold in stores; again, not a subharchway thing)
5. Batteries, lamps, and light fixtures

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1. New clothes (dresses)
2. New bed for my Sylveon
3. Stuffed animal(s) (bunny, cat, dog, bear)
4. Singing and/or dance lessons.
5. Assorted hair ribbons
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1. A kitten. She will straight uo marry anyone who gets her a cat.

2. A new backpack. A pretty one to carry all her books in.

3. Anything adorable for her new apartment.

4. Macarons. So much love for a macaron giver.

5. A warm scarf to keep her neck warm - she needs to look after her voice.

Sonico would welcome all and any gifts. But srsly, if anyone gets her a kitten...the woman would be like putty in your hand.
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1. A rare, and/or expensive and aged wines or liquor. She has little preferences, and would really just love to try any alcoholic drink there is to try.

2. Accessories, particularly hair ones since she finds her hairstyle to be kind of boring. She prefers ones that aren't too flashy or huge, so simple yet stylish bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.

3. Swords, especially ones with aesthetically pleasing or unique designs. They don't have to be battle-ready, since she only wants to collect them and use them for display in her shop.

4. Novels, movies, or music. Bonus points if the story means a lot to the giver, since this would be a way for Ayame to get to know them better through the kind of fiction/entertainment that they enjoy or find inspiration from. As for movies, she's never seen one, nor been to a movie theater in her life so that would make a memorable gift.

5. Toys for her pet cat Hibiki.

Bonus: Something money can't buy but you'll definitely need a whole lot of, which is: making fun memories and experiencing fun things. For example: going to casinos, arcades, festivals, trying new cuisines, teaching her new things or to have more fun. Anyone who would lend their time for her like that would not only be giving her a great gift, it would also make for potentially good CR!
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1. A sewing machine, or simply more yarn
2. A new job
3. Flower seeds!
4. A new watering can
5. Kneesocks, thigh-highs, or stockings! Preferably white ones
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1. Calla Lilies
2. More textbooks regarding automail
3. Specialized tools, equipment, and maintenance equipment for automail
4. Fragrant herbal teas
5. Her friends to be freaking happy for once Dog treats for big dogs
BONUS: Pretty, casual skirts and tops and leggings for Adela to wear
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1. Books about/Crafts representing people's cultures

2. Tea/Tea sets

3. Folding fans

4. Wagasa (Japanese umbrellas)

5. A shogi opponent who isn't Koishi
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1. New friends.

2. Meat.

3. Booze.

4. Sweets.

5. Ted to chill.

(though anything you get her is fine.)