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Holiday Gifts Meme!


1.) Post with your characters and leave a list of things that they are giving to their CR! For Christmas, New Years, Just Because, Hanukkah, or any other holidays right now.
2.) Reply to other characters and let them know what your character is giving them if you want!
3.) Holiday cheer all around!
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Now every city will have to deal with Sunny Day's when Sun wants them!

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Re: From Weiss

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Re: From Weiss

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From Mercury

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Jack shit.

Happy holidays, everyone!
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Re: From Mercury

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Oh gee, Mercury, you shouldn't have.

Sonico's sending him a scarf anyway.

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From Sonico

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Christmas isn't exactly her thing, but she got people presents anyway.

Male friends - you all get a scarf. A very nice woollen scarf, in a colour that will very well suit the wearer (thanks to hair colour, eye colour, whatever).

Female friends - you all get a leather bracelet with a charm on. Something particular to that character if Sonico knows you very well. If not, then it will be a small heart or a star. It will be gold or silver depending on skin tone.

Athrun and Namur get extra presents, but Sonico will deliver when she sees them in person.

Sakuya will also have a very fancy knife sharpening tool kit. To use on whichever set of knives she sees fit. Oh, and a lipstick, thanks to the help of a shop assistant when Sonico asked for advice for another gift.

So if you have good CR with Sonico (they should have spoken more than once) and if you reckon Sonico counts them as friends then you'll get a gift as above. Other acquaintances will receive a small but cute box of chocolates.
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Scarves are wonderful in his weather and even matches one of his favorite suits!

In return he'll get Sonico a new guitar

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Family: Marco gets his name drawn in colorful, glittery graffiti, a trio of tropical rums, and a King's Crown seashell.
Grell gets a seashell necklace and a bottle of cranberry wine.
Ace gets a drawing of his name with flames all around it, a large hunting knife, and a bunch of cheap booze.

Friends: Zoro gets a bunch of cheap booze and a bottle of sword oil.
Ted gets a tie-dye t-shirt and a book of famous poems with the jacket cover swapped out for one from a bikini girls photo book.
Karla gets a bottle of sword oil and a modern dance lessons video.
Koishi gets a super cute stuffed animal with terrifying teeth and a second head hidden inside its mouth. It doubles as a puppet.
Ayame gets a sketchbook, watercolor pencils, and a photo book of Attleton fashion trends organized by decade.
Sonico gets a surprise!
Adela gets her name drawn in cool graffiti text with a rad motorcycle and a pearl necklace set.
Blair gets a necklace and a fancy new hat.
Bartolomeo gets a shark tooth necklace and some booze.
Luffy gets a $50 gift card to a deli in Fayren.

Crew: The employees of Jolly Eddy's (official or otherwise) each receive a pendant and a gift card for 10 red bills. Recipients are:

Others: Danny Fenton gets a mug with a note congratulating him on his win in Everglade.
Emerald gets a keychain.
Smoker gets a "sampler pack" of cigars from Everglade
Kuzan gets an ugly bow tie.
Cassian gets a bottle of rum with a note taped to it that reads "In case of Ted Overdose"
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In response, Sebastian sends a belated "Pirate ship in a bottle" toy. It's small and miniature sized, but it's good for putting on your desk!

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Alphabetical because why the hell not.

Cassian: Sent to his shop via courier. Return address is Velvet Lust.

Several boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. And a big bottle of Lawry's Seasoned Salt with a simple post-it note stuck to the bottle... and then tied on for good measure with a bit of spare ribbon because it doesn't want to stick: "What I put on steak."


Tannusen just texts him a link to this song. Enjoy.


An extra-large pair of 'soundproof' earmuffs, and a key to the roof access door of Velvet Lust. Post-it note says: "For storms."

Trahearne: Left on Trahearne's bed.

Two adult coloring books (not sexy "adult", more like skill level) [1] [2]. And a big pack of colored pencils to go with them. Post-it note inside the cover of the first book says: "Supposed to be calming."


A set of lacy girly undergarments in black and red, with ribbon bows... and cute little gun and bullet charms in the bows. It... probably didn't come from the store like that. No post-it note required.
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Ni texts back with a lewd photo.
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Sebastian's friends who are Adela, Grell, Marco, Jack, Szel, and Namur, all of them gets $250 gift cards to spend at the Nova City Department store.

And for Adela's dog, Ash: a puppy gift basket full of treats samples.

For Liora, a dragon doll plush.

For Anastasia, a snowman doll plush.
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Watch her flail because wtf did she even do to merit Sebastian being so nice UHM THANK YOU??? she's not used to the gift giving thing

And yes good thank you for spoiling her dog that is a very nice thing to do

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Abel – Book of hagiography. This was already logged but hey, don’t forget anyway.

Adela – Nothing! Ash, on the other hand, gets a long-lasting large bone treat thing and some squeaky toys. he found in the dump. They still work!

Amalu –job applications Nothing! Except more hanging out. Look when people tell him they want nothing he takes their word for it.

Anastasia – Two blue ribbons. One for her, one for Sylveon. Or both for her if she’s really greedy.

Arro Caine – “Varieties of Religious Experience.” It details spiritual phenomena, then has clever-sillies substitute very creative names to explain them away. Ted enjoys the former, and thinks Arro will like the latter.

Ayame - Patronizing her for a whole mess of clothes, constituting a third of the gifts below. She made Trevenant look good, after all. But if that's not enough, he'll invite her out to a touristy location for a date.

Bracken – A fine green tunic. Because anyone with a name like “Bracken” should wear green 24/7.

Conan - date with Gengar The Cantebury Tales

Dante (OG) – Poems of Chaucer. One good poet deserves another!

Kani – Hot spring pass for the Amagi Inn. The private one, which is way better than the public one. Don’t mess with success.

Koishi – He asked Ayame to make her a dress made of “moonlight”. He left the rest to her imagination. He’ll chill out some other Christmas

Konoka - Hers is two weeks late cause DIY is harder than he thought. But eventually she gets a refurbished, simple white chair that he's waxed and polished till it got all its luster back.

Liora - Aromatherapy oil. Dragons use those, right?

Namur – [Hmm. Despite knowing him a while he doesn’t actually know what he *wants*. Seafood? Booze? Pirates like getting drunk, right? Buuut he can get his own seafood and goodness knows he’s bad enough sober…]
He gets a red-and-white robe. How did he get the measurements? Awkwardly. Bonus: a how-to-juggle kit. No reason.

Reinhardt – a ticket for two for the Bright Sky Diner. Yes, it’s all-you-can-eat for both. He thinks.

Satori – Annual pass to the zoo (to get her out of the EVIL SUBARCHWAY and see animals that real)

Satsuki – See Koishi, but “starlight” instead. Again, imagination.

Shiemi – White stockings. Cause white clothes are the best.

Smoker – Cigars. Ted’s a simple man okay. He’ll also none-too-subtly ask whether Smoker might be his physical/fencing trainer cause Ike left
and now he has a depressing hole in his life.

Sonico – Pitching in to bid on a spa ticket she was already winning anyway. Don’t think about that too hard.

Trahearne –The Green Knight. Arthurian romance! Also, green pun. Couldn’t resist.

Villains - butt whooping

18 - personally autographed Bible
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She'll personally set it on fire.

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Hatred and Damnation to all.
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Falalalala, la la, la, la~

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Well, if anyone ask, he has a lot of Christmas greetings cards. A box of them. If you want a card, you can have one for free. They have angels, faeries,Christmas trees and winged horses on the front card.

Anastasia and Ted has been logged and their presents received.

Cassian, a bottle of wine (Abel couldn't think of anything else).

Bracken, a $500 gift card to spend at the Nova City Department Store (to help buy clothes for Katze. Split it $250 for the both of you).

Allen + Shiemi: Their last paycheck of the December month. :'|
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Such a large amount to be spent on lingerie!

Bracken will use it to get a new pair of pants for himself, as well, since Ted got him a tunic.

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Jade gives $250 gift cards to Anise, Sync, and Luke to spend at any mall. Sorry, he's not creative with the Christmas thing, but at least you kids have money, so don't complain. :'|||
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Anise will have a "HOLY S***" moment because probably all she did was bake and now feels bad because she could probably do more.

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Marc gives:

David Haller: A Mazel Tough t-shirt, as both congrats for his latest Guardianship win and an acknowledgement of their common heritage.

Grell: A bottle of red champagne bubble bath.

Mayu Nozaki: A travel-size gel pillow.

Sand Gym employees and the K&H Home for Children also get traditional Jewish jelly donuts; a dozen for the former and two dozen for the latter. Happy Hannukah.
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[personal profile] oniwabanokashira 2017-01-04 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
Aoshi gives:

Yukiko Amagi: A red reverse folding umbrella.

Allen: A pair of shark oven mitts.

They also get a Christmas cake to be shared with each other and anyone they'd like to give.
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from dave; shit lets be santa

[personal profile] stairsbro 2017-01-04 04:02 am (UTC)(link)
EVERYONE: a beautiful christmas card

jeff; a whole thing of music & tea
jaune; a whole thing of music & bunny sneakers
grell: the little mermaid & sing-a-long
oswald: pimp cane
deadpool: fake knife
weiss: business cards & sheet music for three in the morning
unhappy: (Cinder is coming!)

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listen i'm writing an emerald tag rn but

those are weiss's favorite business cards she's going to hand those out like candy at a carnival

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Everyone: A simple, hand-made cup, made in the style used by people circa 20 AD in the Nazareth area on earth. Yes, it is in fact a 100 percent accurate replica of that cup. It will arrive in the personal space of its recipients with three things inside: A small vial of perfume, a stick of incense, and a small golden coin.
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Remi promptly puts her gift aside. She dislikes religion.

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Dracula: A curiously ornate cross, a reminder of times gone by. For some reason, it will not harm the Count if touched.
the Scarlet sisters: A tea set for two, made out of a next-gen ceramic that can (almost) withstand even vampire strength.
Cassian: A recipe, written from memory, from the writings of one Mathias Cronqvist, a contemporary of Rinaldo Gandolfi. It has the power to keep curses at bay, for a time.
Koumyou Sanzo: A stack of blank rice paper talismans, a pot of ink that's been alchemically enhanced to promote spiritual energy flow, and two brushes - one made from hair plucked from the tail of a hippogryph, the other made with hair from the tail of a Nightmare.
Amberdrake: A cloak of Sylvan silk; it shimmers in the dark with an inner light of its own.
Sakuya: A very well-balanced knife. It appears to have been made with the intent of being used in a kitchen, but it throws just as well as if it were a killing tool.
Patchouli: A handwritten index of some of the more interesting books that should be in the Castle Library.
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Why, Remi will appreciate her gift.

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treesus: (Pleased: Grin)

From Trahearne

[personal profile] treesus 2017-01-04 08:20 am (UTC)(link)
Bracken: A small, battery powered mp3 player filled with several mystery novel audiobooks and a large package of batteries.

Tannusen: He's switched the couch out for a futon and gotten better blankets and pillows so Tannusen has a proper bed. The trashiest, silliest romance novel he could find sits on one of the pillows. He's bought several steaks for the freezer as well.

Sonico: A pair of sleek black gloves with a small rune set into the wrist of each. If tapped, the enhancement makes the gloves much warmer than they should be. The bow of the package is a small, glowing flower that will last about a week without water.

Ted: A small book of poems and a $100 general giftcard. Like these things.

Koumyou: A small, colorful commissioned illustration of Mr. Wiggles.

Amberdrake: A small, colorful bird figurine and a bag of spray millet treats for the birds with a tacked on apology if that's not what his birds eat. There's an extra package of a few books for the crazy man that shot a gun in his store a while ago.
black_black_heart: (that look)

[personal profile] black_black_heart 2017-01-04 08:28 am (UTC)(link)
You know Tannu turned that into a joke, too.

"Why get a guy into bed when you can just get the guy A bed, huh?"

And then proceeded to lounge around on said futon reading choice bits of that trashy romance novel out loud.

With voices. Bad ones.

Re: From Trahearne

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Re: From Trahearne

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Re: From Trahearne

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Re: From Trahearne

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hugs_for_nugs: (a10)

From Cole

[personal profile] hugs_for_nugs 2017-01-04 08:35 am (UTC)(link)
Everyone: Cole has left some kind of gift for anyone he can reasonably get to, always something small, but something your character wants or needs. Maybe they lost a necklace somewhere behind the couch a few months ago and it's reappeared on the counter. Maybe food that smells a bit like home has appeared on the kitchen table.

Characters who his mind/memory reading abilities won't work on have recieved a small amount of money. Houses he can't enter because of wards or other traps he's left the gift outside, as close to the home as possible.

Alleyana: Alcohol and hugs.
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Re: From Cole

[personal profile] youfool 2017-01-04 06:47 pm (UTC)(link)
[Gets the money]
"Oh, thank you, Cole. Very 'compassionate' of you, heh. Say do you like reading? Do you especially mind sad endings? I know Ms. Inquisitor was very protective of you in that regard."

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redcinemareel: (Grell: green eyes)

[personal profile] redcinemareel 2017-01-04 10:46 am (UTC)(link)
For her family:

Custom watches she fiddled with, so that if any of them are in trouble, they just need to press a button for five seconds to send an emergency alert to each other. Each notif is a different color:


The watch band also corresponds to their own color.

They all run on a special frequency, and can be paired with bluetooth headsets for communication. They can only communicate if the alert is active. Sorry!

For everyone else she has decent CR with (more than one occasion/thread of conversation with her):

A handwritten card with a picture of her happy dog in a silly holiday elf costume, and a universal gift card worth 300 red bills. The gift that keeps on giving!
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[personal profile] hellish_butler 2017-01-04 05:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Sooo Sebby might found out this is the second red-head (besides Adela) that is also a dog owner. :|b

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enchantressofore: (Oh Nehra...)

From Adela

[personal profile] enchantressofore 2017-01-04 04:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Seeing as she's missing due to current circumstances in her CR, any and all gifts from Adela will likely be late. However, they are as follows;

TO SMOKER: Specialty engine parts (yes she did have the red bills saved up) for his motorbike. Gotta keep that smoke-engine tuned up after all, especially in the cold.

TO TASHIGI: Sword polish and a new cloth. She looked into one that was specially formulated for katanas.

TO WHITEBEARD PIRATES: 300 redbills cash. It's not a lot, but she knows you guys are trying to build a ship. She figured the donation to the ship would be appreciated at least.

TO GRELL AND MARCO: Another bottle of pinot grigio and a basket of fruit.

TO NAMUR: A knife with a note saying that it should cut through fishing line like it was nothing at all. She made and tested it herself, and she'd rather not see Namur stuck again.

TO TRAFALGAR LAW: A thank you card detailing that her leg's doing fine (with an offer to look it over so he can see how the different metal reacts to the cold) and an offer for free maintenance on submarine bike. If she knew he was a swordie she'd give him sword polish too but hey

TO YUGI MUTOU: Unsigned thank you card and a cd of relaxing music.

TO SEBASTIAN: Adela found some nice floral loose-leaf teas to give him. He also gets a thank you card, though this one is signed.

TO ACE D. PORTGAS: She created a metal fireball with an insulated base. There's a hollow inside and a hole out the top for smoke to escape, and inside there is room for a large candle or an oil dish with a wick to burn. It's designed to retain heat for long periods of time. She knows about your treehouse and even if you're a literal fireball not everyone with you is and might appreciate that at least

TO YANG XIAO LONG: A tool and maintenance set for her automail arm, along with an offer to change the plating back to iron-based once it gets warmer again so she has something more sturdy.

TO NORA VALKYRIE: Three boxes of pancake mix. One seemed too cheap and hopefully it'll last a while?

TO FAI D. FLOURITE: Floral loose-leaf tea. HE'S A TEA PERSON, RIGHT?? She's not creative with gift-giving...

TO TED: Floral loose-leaf tea because, again, she's not creative with gift-giving.

I can't think of who else Adela might give gifts to right now, so I'll put a comment below this one for any additions that might happen.
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enchantressofore: (I cannot believe this.)


[personal profile] enchantressofore 2017-01-04 04:16 pm (UTC)(link)
In case I forgot someone above. Please do not reply to this comment so I can edit at my leisure.

AND THE FIRST ONE I FORGOT IS MARIBELLE, who is getting a delicate light-coloured chain necklace with metal charms shaped in the forms of several different flowers.
Edited 2017-01-04 16:43 (UTC)

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Re: From Adela

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From Oswald

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ed: fancy note cards and a pen. wrapped in this, naturally.

grell: a hecka nice candle.


a card for people he's spoken to more than once and everyone that ran in the election. might include a short note if he likes you. that's it. we're done.
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I need like 50 rolls of that wrapping paper.
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Yukiko will be giving everyone a coupon for one week free stay at any Amagi Inn of thier choosing (Since she plans to open at least one in every city, so you can save it for one you want when she does open it). She will note that with the coupon. She will also give everyone some cookies... And no they won't be bad she has actually been improving so they are somewhat decent cookies.
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Ted likes both, noting how this will be a good way to spare someone the Commonspace next time a newbie appears. She gets a white rose in return.
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Cassian: Cassian gets rare herbs and big, plush blankets. Bracken will also start bringing him the bones of animals he hunts later on.

Katze: Lots of clothes, lingerie, make-up, jewelry... all picked with the help of store clerks. Katze may have noticed some of his outfits occassionally missing as Bracken took them to the store to show what size he needed.

Ted: He'd shop for charms and wards to help him in combat. Can pick whatever type you want them to be, Bracken doesn't use them much himself and would just get what sounded good.
Maybe there'd even be some bought from Cassian...

Abel: Big book of fairy tales with illustrations. Because pictures always make them better.

Trahearne: He wanted to get him something good but had a really hard time trying to figure something out.
He ended up drawing him some pictures centered around nature. His art is actually pretty good! He's a visual person.

Arro: Just some nice formal clothing. Also picked with the assistance of store employees to try and get him something nice.

Everyone: He will have extra gifts. He's used to buying for a LOT of people, and would go ahead and buy something if he thought it seemed like a good present, even if he didn't necessarily have a person in mind to give it to.
People are free to assume they've been given a random gift - if he doesn't know them well, they may get a gift that would be decent for another person but not necessarily for them.
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He likes 'em! It'd be hypocritical to balk at charms now since they used one to go exploring. [Don't tell him any came from YKW or he'll have to burn them all.]

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From Jefferson

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dave: to wear with jaune. a fossil squad.

jaune: to wear with dave. a guitar so they can play together~ ( I DIDN'T SPECIFY BECAUSE I AIN'T NO GUITAR EXPERT. )

weiss: hand & body lotion.

alice: various cooking salts.

friends and acquaintances will all receive a handmade card. c:

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Re: From Jefferson

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From Ayame, with love

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Satsuki Kiryuin: Ayame's own sword: "Shinkiro", with a note saying: "When you held this weapon in your hands, I knew you are more worthy of it than I am now. Swords belong to sentinels who protect others, not to tailors whose days fighting have long gone. May it protect you and Nova City, as it always had me."

Gale Reinhardt: A bowl, a mug, and a drink coaster with a note saying: "These puns are painful" in a greeting card with this as the cover.

"Blaze": A rose-gold analog watch with a leather band and a set of feather wands for Sisko, with a note saying: "Congratulations on winning the election. Attleton is lucky to have a good man like you to protect it."

Xander: A gold and silver fountain pen, with a note saying: "Congratulations on winning the election. I'm glad that Fayren is in good hands."

Mewtwo: A holographic entertainment system, with a note saying: "I'm not sure if material gifts matter to you, but I wish to give you something at least. This device emits holograms and play music. I hope the Pokemon of the mountain like a good light show."

Konoka Konoe: A pair of ankle-wrap high-heeled shoes, with a note saying: "I only had to guess your size and taste. Please let me know if it fits."

Koishi Komeiji: A plush toy version of Koishi with a box of macarons, with a note saying: "It's my first try in making a doll again after so many years. I based it on a photo I took of you.I hope you like it."

Liora: A coin-sized jade disk, held in a gold frame with a Chinese dragon motif, with a note saying: "The jade is a precious stone in the belief of my maternal ancestors. It symbolizes beauty, grace, and righteousness. May it bring you good fortune as you wear it well."

Dante Sparda: A pair of wireless headphones with LED lights, with a note saying: "For listening to your favorite music while you patrol, or after a long day of work. Thank you for the drink and the wonderful company"

Namur: A giant steel flask, with a note saying: "For keeping that 'glowy shit' with you at all times."

Theodore Satchel: A military-grade tactical flashlight, with a note saying: "For when darkness finds you. Light it up."

Shiemi Moriyama: A set of pastry themed hairclips with a box of macarons, with a note saying: "I hope it's not too odd for me to give you a gift when you hardly know me. But it was you who introduced me to the idea of gift giving during this holiday season, and it just doesn't feel right that I leave you out. Enjoy."

Super Sonico: A pair of cat themed hairclips with a box of macarons, with a note saying: "It's a shame I didn't get to see you perform during the Christmas party, but for now I look forward to collaborating with you. I hope you enjoy these. From me and Hibiki."

Anastasia Lionheart: A panda plush toy, with a note saying: "Hello, Anastasia. My name is Ayame. Your big sister Satsuki is a friend of mine, and she told me about you. I made this gift for you. I hope you like it."

Johnny Storm: A set of stained glass playing cards that glow, with a note saying: "Thank you for the drink"
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She already ate the macaroons lbr


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Re: From Ayame, with love

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