now kiss ([personal profile] memespammer) wrote in [community profile] genessiacrackers2017-02-05 05:41 pm

February = hearts meme time

1. post a blank comment with your character and their series in the title
2. people reply to your character with hearts that match their feels for yours
3. respond
4. ????
5. profit

"I love you, or could fall in love with you."

"You're my family."

"I would kill for you, or sacrifice myself for you."

"I would like to/have enjoyed kissing you."

"I would like to/have enjoyed having sex with you."

"I would date you."

"I would flirt with you/have flirted with you."

"I would hug you, or hold your hand."

"I respect you."

"I would spend time, have fun, or be friends with you."

"You are my friend."

"I would rescue you or fight by your side."

"WTF I don't even?! You confuse me!"

"You amuse me."

"I'd like to get to know you better."

"I would tease and/or make fun of you."

"You frustrate or annoy me."

"You frighten or unsettle me."

"I would use/manipulate you."

"I would physically or emotionally hurt you."

"I would kill you."

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