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Ayame Sasaki Calm, elegant, and very kind to rain-drenched strangers running around the streets like a lunatic. Orihime is still learning about her, but her first impression was very positive.
Garrett Hawke He's totally not a mage. He's also one of the funniest people Orihime has met in Genessia, which pretty much ensured that she liked him instantly. They're likely to go on ridiculous adventures to seek a way for Hawke to become a dragon.
Mavis Vermillion Orihime doesn't know her well yet (or even her name), but eventually she's bound to figure out that Mavis is the master of the Fairy Tail guild that Orihime's been tempted to join. But whether Mavis will judge Orihime's abilities to be magic or not has yet to be seen.
Minato Arisato A very nice young man who seems like he had a really difficult life back home. How could Orihime fail to be sympathetic to someone like that? She knows he likes music so she tries to show him places that have at least some sort of musical element to them. Overall, a good person!
Mirajane Strauss Warm and friendly, pretty much the big sister type! Orihime found that she liked her immediately, and was shocked to hear just how much Mirajane knew about her due to her simple observations that she owed to being a dedicated bartender. Orihime trusts her, and has quietly resolved to turn to her for advice in the future if she ever needs it.
R. Dorothy Wainwright She's an android! And she's super nice! Orihime's been careful to be respectful and restrain her enthusiasm at getting to befriend a robot an android, but admittedly she's fairly biased in liking Dorothy from the very start. She's eager to learn more about her while also making it her mission to ensure that Dorothy gets to experience everything she might ever want to try.
Shinjiro Arasaki He's a man of mystery and secrets! His gruff mannerisms and rough edges don't seem to bother Orihime (a lot of her friends are like that back home), and she's noted that he seems instinctively inclined to look out for other people. He lectured her on the importance of nutrition when she bought weird things at the grocery store.
Theodore "Ted" Satchel One of the few people (possibly the only person) that Orihime remembers from the first time she awoke in Genessia. He's intelligent, helpful, and polite, and she actually admires his extensive vocabulary. She feels a little bad that she's not the same Orihime he was friends with several years ago, so she's made up her mind to be friendly and helpful right back to make up for it.
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NAME: Kana
AGE: 18+
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] glacian
RESERVED? Yes, here.


NAME: Nao Fujiwara
CANON: Original Character
CANON POINT: After their Exile from Mizugakure
AGE: 30


Nao Fujiwara is the twelfth heir of the revered Haineko Clan of Mizugakure. The Haineko are a family of ninnekos, cat-like beings that pledged their allegiance to the Amanushi, a race of technologically advanced humanoids who conquerored most of Makai during the Great War.

Mostly utilized as guardians throughout various territories of Makai, the Haineko clan integrated into human society and eventually formed their esteemed house thanks to the efforts of their ancestors. Nao was born in honor of a pact forged between the Fujiwara Clan of Irori and the Haineko Clan of Mizugakure. Being that the Haineko Clan pledged fealty to the Amanushi, the Fujiwaras betrayed their previous lord for sake of marrying their youngest daughter to the Haineko family. Misaki was only sixteen years old when she was married to Hirako, the Eleventh Heir of the Haineko Clan. Shortly after their marriage, Misaki gave birth to their only son, Nao.

Since birth, Nao showed great potential to become one of the most powerful ninnekos of his clan. At age four, Nao was capable of transforming in and out of cat form at will and later on became capable of ascending to bakeneko form at age seven. The boy knew no limit to his strength but the future heir was notoriously lazy and unruly. He would often get into fights with his fellow ninja classmates and often get into trouble with his instructors for being a nuisance. Known to be a little menace, Nao began to face scrutiny from the elders of his father's clan.

Nao was known to have quite a violent temper in his youth. It was suspected that the beast blood within him that triggered his bad behavior and his father would often have to put the boy in his place. Yet despite his behavioral issues, Nao eventually reached the rank of Chūnin swiftly at age eleven. The wildness within the boy that plagued him since birth began to fade once he reached his teenage years. Nao began to start using his head more after a failed expedition south nearly caused the death of one of his teammates. Learning greatly from that harrowing event, Nao began to show signs of becoming a young leader on the field. He truly cared for his teammates and would do at nothing to ensure their safety. Eventually Nao's change in attitude won the approval of his elders and his father begun to prepare him for his future role as leader of their clan.

As the boy continued with his shinobi training, Nao became quite close with his mother Misaki. While the youth certainly revered his father, Nao loved his gentle mother deeply. It was Misaki's kindness that helped Nao reach the rank of Jounin during that brutal age of Mizugakure's history. Forced to slay his fellow classmates in order to become Jōnin, Nao went into a deep depression. The boy would refuse food for weeks at a time. Eventually Nao had to take a hiatus from further training as his parents struggled to cope with their son's depression but as fate would have it, this was just the beginning of bad times.

A nasty rumor begun to surface about the Fujiwara family that traced their roots back to Irori. Some naysayer within the royal court coined the Fujiwaras as spies who've come to sabotage the Amanushi’s quest for dominance over the realm of Makai. Under peaceful times, such a claim would've been easily discarded. However, these were stressful times and war loomed over the horizon for Mizugakure. With no true way to claim their innocence and at the mercy of a corrupt lord; members of the Fujiwara clan were banished from Mizukagure and those who defied this order were marked for death.

Misaki, Nao's mother, died in the purge.

The unjust death of his mother sent Nao into a frenzy. Before escaping the village, Nao had nearly slain several ninjas who tried to contain the boy's wrath. Nao's own father was forced to try and stop his son but during combat, Hirako was gravely wounded. Unable to cope with the blood on his hands, Nao fled the village and never looked back.

He wandered the world in search of meaning to his seemingly pointless life, while coping with the unjust death of his mother. During his travels, Nao learned much about the world through the various people he met. He visited Mount Jofuku, traveled to the Turtle Islands thanks to the help of a few travelers he met along the way, and eventually found himself in Ainokura for a brief time. Seeing the world in all of its horrors and splendors made Nao come to appreciate and value the life his parents sacrificed for him. The melancholy that he felt began to form into something akin to determination to continue where he left off. So after about nearby sixteen years of wandering, Nao returns back to his homeland a changed man, fully intending to use the turbulence of the world to take back up his abandoned duties.


PERSONALITY: Nao is a shrewd and intelligent individual, a man of great wisdom who is aware of both his duty and role to his country. He prides himself in his neutrality during times of warfare and remains forever watchful of the current political climate of his country and beyond. While he secretly longs to turn his blade towards the nobles who wish to capitalize upon the political strife between countries, Nao is quick to stay his hand. He's an observer by nature who doesn't like to directly effect the course of history. However, Nao is known to act on the behalf of Mizugakure's interests if it benefits his countrymen.

During times of peace, Nao is quite a genial fellow with a kind but reserved demeanor. His more pacifistic approach to battle might leave the impression that he's weak, but Nao is anything other than weak. He knows of his strengths well and knows how to capitalize on an opponent's weaknesses through subtle observation. He's a calculating tactician, one who've been secretly keeping a close eye some of Mizugakure's problematic neighbors. Unlike other fellow Chunin who feel the need to boast about their strengths, Nao likes to remain silent. He believes that the best element in combat is surprise. Always in a state of heightened awareness, Nao is always ready to draw his blade at a moment's notice. Whether it be for defense or offense, Nao can quickly shift from his genial demeanor to one of calculating coldness at will.

Outside of his role as one of Mizugakure's stalwart protectors, Nao is quite a charmer with a knack for storytelling. He says a deep fondness for the arts and typically enjoys origami. He's a thespian at heart with a love for literature. Nao's fondness for literature stems from the noble teachings of his parents. He honors his father and mother's legacy and hopes to do them justice. While he certainly possesses a love for books, Nao is honestly interested in people more. He likes watching and observing how others interact with each other. Nao finds it interesting to see how others behave out of his own delight for social settings.

He adamantly enjoy spending time with friends and family alike, and is more than willing to greet others with a reserved smile. Although it should be noted that Nao can be quite cautious when dealing with towards strangers. He's slow to trust despite being perceived as a rather friendly and courteous fellow. His friendliness is limited by his deep seeded need to be careful. He's not naive to the ways of the world and knows for a fact that others will attempt to him if he somehow poses a threat.

While Nao personality remains constant in between human and cat form, Nao does become a bit more animated as a feline. He's a little more playful and more mischievous. Nao is known to steal his fair share of fish and office supplies for the sake of amusement. While he never admits to such foolishness, Nao certainly can be a little bit of a menace at times.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Besides his obvious physical strengths he possesses due to his ninneko heritage, Nao is quite intelligent and rather efficient in combat. He's a learned tactician who's capable of exploiting his opponent's weaknesses. He has a mind for combat and will always try to subdue his foes with smooth strategy rather than outright brutality.

Nao tends to play it safe when it comes down to either battling people on the field or facing them in discussion. One could say that his stubborn nature can be one of his strengths. Nao honestly hates to lose. If he fails at an objective or mission, he'll do his best to overcome the setback by any means necessary. Nao, much like his namesake, he knows how to endure loss with poised grace and hardly ever makes a scene.

Despite being a ninneko, Nao isn't privy to some of the skills and abilities that other demons are capable of. He cannot regenerate lost limbs but he can heal from minor scrapes and bruises. Bakenekos are resilient creatures capable of overwhelming their foes with fast and furious strikes. In tales of old, ninnekos can shapeshift into beautiful women to lure unsuspecting prey much like a kistune. While Nao cannot transform into a woman, he can create a series of illusions that can warp his opponents senses in the middle of battle. Able to captialize on the inner fears of his foes, Nao can literally make a person's fears into reality by entrapping them in a dreamlike state. This is a form of ninjutsu token of members of the Fujiwara clan.

Here's a list of various positive and negative traits Nao possesses.

-Positive Traits-

-Negative Traits-
Very Slow to Trust


Despite being half-human, Nao is insanely strong. He's capable of crushing bone easily and is able to survive dangerous feats with limited injuries. While he's certainly not indestructible, Nao can take one hell of a beating before eventually succumbing to his wounds. The beast blood within him gives him this ability.

The Ninnekos are capable of controlling various forms of jutsu thanks to their loose ties with the two-tailed Matatabi. Nao is capable of using sensory depriving genjutsu that is common of his ninneko heritage. He can literally dive into the minds of his enemies and attack their very subconsciousness. This is a form of genjutsu gives the wielder the ability to control the chakra flow of a target's cerebral nervous system, thus affecting their senses. His mastery over illusions makes Nao quite effective in combat since he can literally trick his opponents into harming themselves.

It's also because of his ninneko heritage that Nao can shapeshift into both an enormous demon cat with poisonous claws and that of a mere cat. His ability to shapeshift is unique to his bloodline since historically ninnekos can become both people and monstrous cats.

In his full bakeneko form, Nao looks something likened to a panther with bright crimson eyes and the large fangs. He has ceremonial red tattoos under his eyes and a long red stripe down bridge of his nose. His long fluffy tail is split into two and his poisonous claws look oddly ameythst within the light. The potent poison within his claws can make his victims hallucinate with just a mere scratch much like venom of a serpent.

It should be noted that Nao's strength in this form is amplified by double along with his capabilities with water jutsu. He can literally create a torrent of water to crash down his adversaries and use those nasty claws to shred them to pieces.

Physical Combat
Unlike most from his mother's clan, Nao's extensive training with swords in general makes him a rather deadly opponent. He's noticeably faster and more agile than most humans, and is able to dodge and block bullets with his sword alone. His efficiency in combat makes him quite a force to reckon with considering his training.

In combat, Nao typically wields the Ohabari much like the Iaido method of swordsmanship which consists of smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its saya (scabbard) only briefly enough to strike his foes before placing the sword back in its sheath. This method of combat follows consists of the wielder's flow of energy as he unsheathes his blade to strike. Iaido follows the belief of the saying "Tsune ni ite, kyū ni awasu" (常に居て、急に合わす) which means "being constantly prepared, match and meet the opposition immediately." It's because of this that the emphasis of "iai", which is actually a state of "readiness", is always stressed in Iaido. The secondary emphasis lies on ones skill with drawing the sword and acting quickly to sudden attacks. This style of combat fits Nao best since he's capable of striking quicker due to his bloodline.

Nao's weapon of choice is the fabled Ame-no-Ohabari (天の尾羽張, lit. "Sword of Takamagahara", the double-edged blade") is a ōdachi sword used by the mythical Izanagi in an act of infanticide. It's said that when his son Kagu-tsuchi was born, he burned his celestial mother Izanami to death. Distraught over the loss of his wife, Izanagi used this blade to cut Kagu-tuchi's body into eight pieces. Allegedly the blood that dripped off the Ame-no-Ohabari led to the creation of several deities, the God of the Sea and the God of Rain.

It's because of this sword's affinity to rain and water that its an aquamarine blade with a silver and black clothed hilt. The style of the Ohabari is more similar to a katana than an actual ōdachi blade in design. It's a double edged-sword that has no flat side which means that both sides of the sword was designed to cut. Like most other katanas, this sword is characterized to by its unique appearance: a curved but slender edged blade with a circular guard and long grip for two-handed wielding.

Nao is skilled in Taijutsu which is a basic form of martial arts that utilizes the natural movements and abilities of the practitioner. While he's fonder of using his sword in combat, Nao does sometimes fight hand-to-hand without the use of his blade. He has more than enough strength and stamina to overpower his opponents and because of his background in Iaido, he's able to utilize his opponent's momentum against them.

Much like his mastery over Taijutsu, Shinobi is of course good at Genjutsu. He can subdue his presence and chakra well enough to hide himself from view. Nao typically relies on Genjutsu whenever he's in cat form. It makes it easier for him to inflate enemy strongholds if they believe him to be nothing more than a harmless feline. It should be noted that the ninnekos are born masters of this particular form of jutsu to confuse enemies and protect allies.

Nao's strong affinity to water allows him to use water based attacks while using Ninjutsu. He's capable of forming weaponry out of water and along with shields. Nao's mastery over the water is pretty much second nature despite how ironic it is for a cat to be fond of water.

In addition of forming watery daggers and knives, Nao can also create ropes and other oddities out of his chakra. He's able to manipulate water to suit his needs in combat and sometimes uses his Ninjutsu skills to form various watery illusions. He's also capable of entrapping his foes in massive water bubbles that can suffocate a victim to death. This form of Ninjutsu are typical used by Nao for fishing.

SAMPLES: here & here

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Name: Navi
Canon point: After collecting 3 Spiritual Stones
Arrival: --

Housing: --
Items: pendant
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